Orders are shipped Monday through Wednesday to ensure they arrive at your door as fresh as possible. We use USPS and UPS to ship orders. Depending on the weather in your area (rain or high heat usually) we may contact you to adjust the arrival of your order so that it doesn’t become damaged or melted in transportation.

If you need an order sooner than the available ship times please contact us for availability to see if we can expedite your order. Additional charges may incur.

Warm Weather Shipping

Anytime an order is going to a location where the weather is 70F or above we include ice packs to ensure to the best of our abilities that the products arrive perfectly. In extreme weather we will contact you to adjust the delivery date.


Apparel will ship separate from chocolate boxes and take roughly 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Custom Orders

Interested in a special gift for yourself, someone you love, event, or your organization? We would love to make your vision a reality so please fill out our contact form. Custom orders require a two-week notice and we have additional flavors available. 

Can you make chocolates based on our game?

Absolutely! If your studio is interested in custom chocolates based on your game’s characters we would love to make that happen. Please email me directly at mira@oneupchocolates.com and I'll be in touch shortly, thank you!

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