Meet Our May Dev. of the Month, Ying!

Ying is a 3D Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment


How have video games impacted your life?

"Video games have had a huge impact on my life and in fact have steered it so to speak. I'm originally from Singapore but moved to the US to attend college that specifically trains individuals to be game devs. I have met so many friends throughout my life because of our shared love for games, and am now working on my dream game at my dream company.

In my personal life, video games have also been very cathartic. Whenever I am bored, sad or upset, I can just plop myself down on a comfy sofa and for an hour or two (OR MORE) escape into worlds with crazy monsters, green tunicked elven heroes, or even an island filled with cute animal neighbors."


Why did you choose to become a developer?

"I've always really enjoyed doing creative things like drawing, making jewelry, and at one point I even went through a phase of airbrushing Japanese dolls. I love art and handcrafting things. So when I discovered that I could potentially make a living creating art for video games, I jumped at the opportunity. Having grown up playing games, it just seemed like a perfect fit."


Any advice for future 3D Character Artists?

"As a 3D Character Artist, one of the most useful pieces of advice would be to ensure you always gather references for your work. At my job I create stylized art, and while referring to real photos or life around you for a non-realistic project may not make sense to some, it always helps improve the quality of your work. Our eyes are so attuned to what we see in our daily lives that we subconsciously know whether something looks right, or even a little off. For example, simplifying the way pants fold into boots stylistically, will look so much better and more appealing to the viewer if real life references are used. Studying life and work from other artists is always super beneficial."

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