Meet our June Dev. of the Month, Geoff!

Geoff is a Senior Environment Artist at Sledgehammer Games

How have Video Games impacted your life?

Video-Games have shaped my entire life since I can remember. They taught me to count, read, do math, problem solve, type, think outside the box, and allowed me to create on a scale limited only by my imagination.

Why did you choose to become a developer?

Honestly, the profession chose me. It fascinated me, intrigued me, offered me an outlet that no other outlet or profession could match. It's a constant challenge, a continuing adventure that no other profession can offer. It is constantly changing, moving, and advancing. It offers an opportunity to tell a story unlike any other medium; an immersive and interactive experience that impacts those who participate in a way that no other medium can hope to achieve.

Any advice for future environment artists?

Never stop learning new tools/techniques but don't forget to develop your artistic eye. This industry is always changing and becoming more and more complex by the month. New tools and techniques are being developed all the time. But the tools and techniques are just that: tools and techniques.

Tools do not make the artist. They do not make you better at composition, proportion, color theory, lighting, or silhouettes. Tools enable the artist to create and bring their intentions and experiences to life through technique. But it is our ideas, our artistry, that lies at the core of it all. So while you're downloading that latest tool, be sure to practice your fundamentals!

You can check out Geoff's work at


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