Meet our August Dev. of the Month, Bethany!

Bethany is a Senior Product Manager at Applovin (Machine Zone)


How have video games impacted your life?

Video games have taught me the best adventures are in your failed attempts and the perseverance it takes to succeed.


Why did you become a Product Manager?

I joined gaming to understand the gamer psychology. After using a pop-up book and sheer enthusiasm to land my first gig, I’ve focused on learning everything I could.

I’ve been very lucky throughout my career to have stumbled into studios that empowered me to grow in all directions. I found that Product Management merged all my passions: data, storytelling, behaviors, management, and learning.


Any advice for future product managers in game development?

Be a storyteller and understand your product better than anyone. So much of the job is inspiring teams and building connections with the players. There are times your assumptions won’t pan out. Learn from them and always look for the silver lining.



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